City of Napa

 I came to Napa to live and work in wine country.  This professional opportunity was a natural fit following the work I did in Oklahoma that helped a local winery expand, and helped create the first American Viticulture Area in the state.  I would also be able to apply my tourism marketing experience in one of the hottest tourism spots in California.

Napa Projects and Programs

Downtown Napa Plaza and Pedestrian Corridor Redesign


In addition to other downtown projects, I managed the redesign of two major capital improvement projects for the City.  These redesigns focused on a strong "sense of place," and improving the walk-ability of the downtown.

Napa Tourism Improvement District


The City of Napa is part of the Napa Valley Tourism Improvement District.  The assessment district funds all tourism marketing and promotional activities.  My role is to provide staff support to the City's Committee and work with local partners to administer the district for the City of Napa. 

Public Art in Napa


Napa has a robust public art program and I was lucky enough to manage several of the City's Public Art projects, including the "Veil of Water," artwork by Ned Kahn and "Begin and Continue" by Mikey Kelly.  I also pioneered the City's first online Public Art Registry and interactive Story Map.

Video of Ned Kahn's "Veil of Water"

Ned Kahn Studios produced this video rendering of the public art he created for Downtown Napa's civic plaza - just one of the projects I managed for the City of Napa.

The City of Thousand Oaks

From Oklahoma, I returned to Southern California - this time to Ventura County, where I would  live and work for one of the most beautiful cities in America. 

50th Anniversary Gala & Time Capsule Commemoration


Marketing the 2014 Amgen Tour of California (Stage 8)


Visioning 2064


MPOWER Economic Development Corporation

From Philadelphia, I returned to the small town in Oklahoma (pop. 17,000) where I was born to work for a non-profit organization that specialized in community development.

Nonprofit Economic Development


Laying a Foundation for Growth


Marketing & Tourism Development


McAlester Economic Development Video

As Executive Director of MPOWER, I hired "Insight Visual Media Productions" to shoot and edit this video.  Using my background in media, I worked with the videographers to write and produce this promotional video on McAlester.

The City of Philadelphia

One of the most exciting jobs I ever held was with the City of Philadelphia.  The "City of Brotherly Love" hired me to help create neighborhood plans for the Northeast section of Philadelphia as part of the Mayor's "Neighborhood Transformation Initiative." 

The City of Philadelphia

Community Planning


The Delaware River

Park Planning


Benjamin Rush State Park

Green City - Clean Waters Program