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Professional Testimonials on Shari Cooper

"Shari is the epitome of perfection! She has a depth of knowledge and experience in disparate fields. She is also very detail-oriented. I had the fortune of working with her on several projects including the iconic "Welcome to Napa" gateway signs. Her expertise, fortitude, and overall professional demeanor are simply unique. Personally, I have found her to be very amiable, and an all-around class act." 

— Paul Oseso, General Manager, Aegis. Napa, CA.

"Expect Shari to always bring energy, creativity, and client-focused attention to your project.  She has a passion for design — seeing, crafting, elevating — until it is perfect." — Robin Klingbeil, Senior Development Project Coordinator, City of Napa, CA.

"Shari is open minded to new technology and is constantly seeking improvements in the way we engage the public."

— John Smallis, Public Works Deputy Director - Operations. City of Thousand Oaks, Thousand Oaks, CA.


"Class act - all around and the ultimate professional. Shari is a collaborator and partner to success on many levels."

— Grahame Watts, MBA, Special Projects Manager. City of Thousand Oaks, Thousand Oaks, CA.

"Shari is an outstanding professional. Her technical skills are impressive and her commitment to a project assures a reliable outcome. She leads and works well within a team. She has the breadth to see the strategic horizon and skill to execute a tactical work-plan to get there. Shari is a great person with whom to work and know. Shari likes 'being out front', making a difference in an organization or endeavor."

— Carl Jarecky, Media Operations Supervisor. City of Thousand Oaks, Thousand Oaks, CA.

"I oversee the City of Thousand Oaks green team and programs including the Green Business Certification Program. Shari was amazing to work with and very helpful in assisting us in our outreach activities. She was very instrumental in the coordination of our grand opening for our new household hazardous waste center. We had approximately 120 attendees and Shari helped us carry it off flawlessly. Shari has my highest endorsement."

— John Brooks, Sr. Environmental Analyst. City of Thousand Oaks, Thousand Oaks, CA.

"Shari is fabulous to work with. As Community Outreach Specialist for the City of Thousand Oaks, she has brought together my coworkers in Public Works and helped us produce some wonderful events. Her name is usually mentioned whenever someone brings up an outreach opportunity -- she is definitely a "go-to" person!"

Joanna Smith, Office Supervisor. City of Thousand Oaks, Thousand Oaks, CA.

"Nobody gives a better first impression than Shari Cooper, which is a big reason she is so accomplished in her field. I have had the opportunity to work with Shari on multiple occasions and nobody carries themselves with more poise and professionalism than Shari. Shari is extremely knowledgeable and detail oriented. When it comes to economic development, she is very adept at thinking outside the box and is dedicated to advancing her community's needs."
— Rusty Appleton, Field Representative, US Senator Jim Inhofe's Office. Washington, DC.

"I've worked with Shari Cooper for the last few years and know first hand the passion and determination she has to have a positive impact for the City of McAlester. She is extremely detail oriented and a pleasure to work with."
— John Abbate, President, Marketing Alliance, Inc., Jackson, MS.

​"Shari Cooper is smart and hardworking. A person with integrity."
— Aaron Finestone, Private Practice Attorney, Philadelphia, PA.

​"Shari Cooper is committed to achieving whatever task she is assigned. She works tirelessly on every project. She has always gone above and beyond whether it was writing a grant for a historic group to receive funding, or working to preserve a park. She cared about the community groups she represented. ​She is versatile, creative and has leadership skills. ​She is not afraid to learn new things or try new experiences."
— Beverly Beltz, Executive Secretary, Philadelphia City Planning Commission. Philadelphia, PA.

​"Shari Cooper is a dedicated professional and an effective organizer. She has a broad knowledge about the community planning, development review, and zoning approvals process, and understands how to manage this process. Share provided important contribution to the agency through her graphic and publication layout skills, and was often called upon to prepare such materials for public meetings of the City Planning Commission. In addition to these duties, Shari also managed the agency's website, ​reflecting her abilities as a writer and editor."

— Gary Jastrzab, Executive Director, Philadelphia City Planning Commission. Philadelphia, PA.


"Shari Cooper is one of the few professionals I've come across who is equally deft at articulating a vision, building a framework to execute, and leaving a clear protocol for future sustainability in the various projects she stewards. Shari's leadership, passion, and deep knowledge of urban planning and development was a key element in my own professional development; ​I owe her an incalculable debt."
— James Johnson Piett, Principal & CEO, Urbane Development LLC. Philadelphia, PA. 

"Shari Cooper brought both passion and intelligence to a disciplined methodology for gathering & evaluating Business Intelligence at Commerce. She successfully advocated for this new ​and different approach, ​which proved itself through its results."
— Kirk Martin, Director of Performance and Accountability, 

Oklahoma Department of Commerce. Oklahoma City, OK.

"Shari Cooper worked on our Jubilee Line Extension project for London Underground. She was lively, competent and thoughtful: ​she was and I am sure still is a great team player."
— Martin Crookston, Director & Partner, Llewelyn-Davies Planning, London, England, UK.

"Shari Cooper worked diligently with the other planners, gathering data for the City's Comprehensive Plan. She was a great team player ​and became one of the leaders for her group." rel="noopener" target="_blank">— Lanc Gross, AICP, Planner, City of Oklahoma City, OK.

​"Shari Cooper was always passionate about the job the she did every day. ​She wanted to be the best photographer that she could be. She also was an all-around good person."
— Tim Letbetter, News Operations Manager, WABC-TV, New York, NY.

"Shari started at KTHV in the early 90’s as a video editor and worked her way up to general assignment news photographer. I remember Shari as an enthusiastic employee who was very dependable with a great “can-do”attitude with a willingness to learn. The job is very demanding both physically and mentally. Our photographers are not only tasked with telling a story with pictures but by default are also the station’s ambassadors when working in public. Shari demonstrated a keen ability on all counts. She is a hard worked with her eye on taking care of the customer, or viewer, in our case. I would highly recommend Shari for whatever career field she enters because ​of her inherent work ethic and desire to be a real team player."
— Oran Hardcastle, Chief Photographer, KTHV-TV, Little Rock, AR.

​"Shari was a conscientious worker who would always want only the best. She always worked extremely hard and made sure if the product she was associated always was done right. Shari is very likable and easy to get along with."
— Nick Genty, News Director, ​KATV-TV, Little Rock, AR. 

​"Shari was one of my videographers/editors when I used to host the quite popular "Travelin' Arkansas" segment at KTHV. Her shooting skills and editing skills were absolutely superb!! In fact, I wish she was working with me here at AETN-PBS. ​Her creativity and enthusiasm is right on the money !! Shari's professionalism is unsurpassed..she is really a sweet person and real easy to get along with!"

— Chuck Dovish, Outdoor Producer, AETN Foundation. Conway, AR.